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Editing welcome section on home page

  • bbpresshelp


    We have only just set up our WordPress page so have the latest business version and latest bbpress version. We are using a Hero theme.

    We have added a ‘block’ to our home forum page. The title is showing “welcome to our local community forum” but the text that we have written underneath isn’t showing up. We have tried adding this text as another block but that doesn’t show up either. How can we get this to show on our home page?

    Also, we would like to edit the text type of the title ‘welcome to our local community forum’ and reduce the size. We can’t seem to find where to do this.

    We had the following reply from the help at WordPress: I checked the page for your homepage here: If you will look at “Page Attributes” on the right side, then “Template” you see you assigned this page for the bbPress Forum Index. It makes the page inevitable. The page has to be blank, because bbPress will override anything that’s in there.

    How can we get the text to show up?

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  • Robin W


    unfortunately we can’t see that link without login details (which please do not show).

    You should create an ordinary WordPress page, add a block with your text, and then follow this with a shortcode block with


    in it



    We have attempted to create a new page and selected the ‘edit with block something’ and got the following error message:

    The editor has encountered an unexpected error.
    Attempt Recovery
    Copy Post Text
    Copy Error

    Now we can’t even create a new page as the message keeps coming up. We have logged out and back in to try to refresh. Can you help?

    Robin W


    hmmm..something is wrong with your site and not bbpress related.

    I can only advise that you contact your host provider for support and maybe revert to previous copy.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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