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editing profile

  • I’m having problems editing my profile. When I (or any user) goes to their profile and clicks Edit, it goes to the page that asks “Are you sure you want to edit this user’s profile? Yes or No” and skips the page where you actually edit the user’s info.

    I have no idea what the problem is. My forum is located at (I just installed it).

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  • I see what you mean. Fresh install of 0.8.21 or still 0.8.2? Anyone else seeing this?


    whichever one is available from the download page right now. i just installed it tonight.

    Here’s a couple things to try.

    Disable all your plugins.

    Set $bb->mod_rewrite = false; in your bbPress’ config.php.

    after disabling Avatar Upload (the only plugin i have set up thus far) and setting mod_rewrite to false, nothing has changed. i shall leave it as such until someone has a chance to see if there’s something else i’ve missed.

    i believe another problem (and this might be an integration issue) is that the users who have either logged in to bbpress using their wordpress logins (myself, Trent and one other user) or have attempted editing their profiles have had their emails within wordpress changed to “1”. that’s it, just the number 1 which would explain why I did not receive an email when both Trent and mdawaffe signed up for the site.

    Thanks for the above: in my first-time install of I had set mod_rewrite to ‘true’, intending to get back to it, which resulted in a blank screen when I clicked on “Edit”.

    [REDACTED: After the above fix I had a problem with some but not all views triggerng a download as type “PHP Document” rather than display as HTML. It must have been some sort of cacheing problem, as restarting Apache fixed it.]

    anyone have any ideas? Trent? mdawaffe? I can’t figure this out for the life of me.

    Im having the same problem, could you tell me how you solved it?

    Do you have a link to your forum for a little testing?


    is the basic instalation but I added the


    in the config.php

    if I remove this line, everything goes fine.

    is anybody out there?? Trent, where are you? Heeelp!



    Still need help on this.



    Me too. My problem is exactly the same. If I try to edit my profile it changes my email field to “1”…

    I’m using this formula:

    if ( !defined(‘DB_NAME’) ) {

    require_once( dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/../wp-config.php’);


    But if I delete these lines it makes error.

    My forum is at:

    Thanks in advance,




    Could anybody help on this?

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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