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Edit the title tag

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  • spiderindia


    just re arrange the meta tag option for perfect title tag

    i do not found the option “meta tag option” in my adminisration i use bbpress plugin 2.0.2

    I also want to know how to remove that Forum: and Title: tags from the title.

    Freelance Copywriter


    To fing title tag just open your published pages, below at that page you can find out title, keyword, description boxes just edit them with your words and update it. The title tag will automatically changes.

    What published pages? I don’t see them. I just want to remove Forum: and Title: prefixes from the start of the title on every page of bbPress.

    You don’t need to bump 3 threads on this :)

    As I said in the others..

    You can use the bbp_title filter that is in place to change/tweak the titles bbPress uses.

    However there is no simple switch in place to disable the prefixes from being used.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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