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Edit Profile Link is not working

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    In using bbstyle pack, when I have it set to have edit profile in the menu, it refers to this link…
    … but I end up with an error page…
    “Sorry, This Page Is Gone.
    The page you are trying to view no longer exists or has been moved. You may try the search form below to find it.”

    I also tried the bbstyle pack shortcode [bsp-profile] and same result as above.

    You asked on another thread…
    What have you got set for dashboard>settings>forums>forum user slugs>user base ?
    It is set to the default… I never changed it…

    I found an old plugin as a workaround, but I would rather not add another plugin, especially one that is not updated for the past two years…

    When I use that plugin, it works fine for profile edit… I put their shortcode in a sidebar widget… and it refers to this link…
    … this link works to reach Profile.

    Here is the problem…

    I have my wp in a sub folder of the domain, WordPress Address (URL).
    And, the Site Address (URL) is the domain root.

    bbstyle pack is using the WordPress Address (URL) … adding the folder to the link string … and not the Site Address (URL)…like this…

    … this will not work… “Page is Gone”

    … this works.

    Is there a way to change the setting for bbstyle package to use the Site Address (URL) as opposed to the WordPress Address (URL)?

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