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Easy set up?? LOL

  • Welp, I really liked the way this plug in looked but after 2 weeks (part time) of messing with this thing, I give up.

    And all I see on these boards is complaining and unanswered questions including mine.

    The nerve to call this simple lolol.. no offence but geeeez, c’mon ..if you dont want to give instructions on how to set this up then why bother?

    It’s anything but easy.

    I would love to hand you guys a milk crate with a ripped apart transmission and say …”no worries, its easy, just bolt it all together” and walk away.

    just because its easy for me!!

    This is not to say I dont appreciate the work that goes into this stuff..but surely you guys can get someone to write a manual, I cant find a single answer to anything..just a few stupid YT videos made from someone with a mouth full of marbles on a laptop in a cave! great!

    gonna go cry in my beer now, thanks :(

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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