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Duplicate topics – moving / merging

  • Hi

    Desperately needed.

    A way to move/ merge duplicate topics and their posts.

    On our forum there are a number of topics that are prone to users duplicating – starting a completely new topic with the same title and – frequently the same question/comment.

    This breaks the unwritten rules of the forum and is highly irritating to those users who comply. It often results in the need to moderate the ensuing barrage of comments and can lead to the, often new, user never posting again.

    We did foresee the issue but it has now stated to become a regular event.

    Is there any way – even manually – that the admin can move/merge the wayward topic into the pre-existing topic.

    1 – A plugin – that works

    or 2 – ability to fake login as the wayward user and re post in the pre-existing topic, deleting the rogue

    or 3 – a process to edit the tables (which ones) so that the post is listed correctly.


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  • zaerl


    So if a user create a copy of another post you would like to delete the new topic and redirect the URL to a preexisting topic?

    No, I want to move the errant post(s) from the new duplicate topic into the correct already running topic. Then deleter the errant topic (that will now have 0 posts)

    I have had a go at doing this manually and everything seemed to work:

    Step 1: find the post_id of the errant post and change that record in bb_posts so that it has the correct forum_id, topic_id and post_position (next available in that topic) Also make a note of it’s post_date

    Step 2: find the topic record in bb_topics and change the poster_id, username, date and number_of_posts.

    Step 3: delete the errant topic_id record

    Step 4: Perform basic counter maintenance through Admin/Tools.

    Messy and laborious but not beyond automation.

    Just waiting for some unforseen effect

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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