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Doubled title issue

  • RendallNarciso


    I installed BBPRESS Version 2.5.8 pugin (on WP version 4.3.1) and my issue is that headings are doubled, you can see here what happens:

    The template is “RT Theme 18” and for what I red it is compatible with BBPRESS. I wonder how to solve this issue, do you have any idea?
    Thank you very much

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  • Buongiorno Rendall,

    I quickly had a check in the sourcecode of the page and it seems the RT Theme is doubling the information. I also saw that your forum is cut on the right side of the screen.
    Any possibility to switch to a more standard theme to make sure the theme is not to blame ?

    How did you setup the forum ? Using a shortcut ? Any extra plugins concerning bbPress installed ?

    A presto,



    Hi Pascal buongiorno to you 😉

    Actually the customer (association) wants this template and the first choice is to keep this one. I see what you say, it looks like both the heading and the div are doubled with their padding etc… so here we have the cut on the right…

    I installed BBPRESS with the plugin and set up with his setting page (but there is no structure customization – the set up is just about label names).

    I have several plugin intalled but nothing concerning BBPRESS (I saw many add ons but did not use any of them)… I am quite sure it is all about the template 🙁 but maybe somebody here experienced the same issue and have a solution.

    Thank you so much

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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