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Double Topic

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  • chrishajer


    Define double topic. Do you mean people posting the same thing in rapid succession, in error, or something else?

    Yes i mean double posting in rapid succession or with same title twice



    You want to throttle those users then. There is a setting in the admin under Settings > Writing called “Throttle time”. I think it’s 30 seconds by default. Set that to longer and people will not be able to post again for that long. If you set it to 180, it would be three minutes.

    This does not find and remove duplicate posts, but it prevents most of them from happening. The side effect is that if someone is responding to multiple posts quickly, they are prevented from posting to different topics within that throttle time too.

    I don’t know of a plugin that will find and eliminate duplicate topics.

    You can also disable the submit button after it is clicked the first time, using JavaScript, in case the reason people are posting duplicates is because you are on a slow server.

    I need something like search double posts and remove… I need that plugin

    Because if I post today the article ABC.

    Tomorow, someone else can post same thing… so I need to remove the old one



    I doubt there’s a plugin for that around, it sounds like the job of moderators.

    What you describing is a plugin that at post time (or at a set time interval) searches through every other post ever made on your database and matches the text to the one just added.

    Thats an insane overhead, and it really wouldn’t be worth it. Sorry.



    Yeah, I think that is the job of a moderator, to weed out the duplicates.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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