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dont waist time with bbpress support

  • jason102178


    Hey everyone,

    If you haven’t noticed already no one from bbpress responds to support requests , so i would use bbpress at your own risk, cause their just is no official support, granted its a nice addition to any website..

    But if users have some real issues or problems, they will not get an answer from anyone here at bbpress, Ive been trying to get some sort of support forever now and no one responds.

    good thing they dont charge for using bbpress cause their would be alot of angry people for the lack of support….

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  • Sambora5150


    @jason102178 totally agree i have been using bbpress for a while…finally moved to a real forum… simplepress…



    @Sambora5150 yeah i use phpbb for my standalone forum but wanted somthin i could integrate in my blog and thought bbpress would be the best, wrong, lol theirs no support here, at phpbb they always answer within like 6 hrs.



    I like bbPress it’s awesome. Like most open source software I like to get stuck in and break stuff then fix it, you learn a loads from doing that.

    I agree phpbb and some others are easier options in certain areas, but the integration with wordpress is amazing.

    Good luck with your forums 🙂

    John James Jacoby


    We’re all volunteers. If we don’t help you at midnight on a Friday, it’s because we’re probably out enjoying the weekend, taking a break, or traveling 500 miles away to talk to hundreds of people about the software.

    I guess our ideas of what makes great support are different, and that’s okay, but topics like these don’t do anyone any good.

    Thanks for feedback.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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