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Do you need your BBPress Theme to look like your WordPress theme?

  • I’m willing to help, send me your requests to my email my user name at

    -I am only willing to help if you have the WordPress theme with you.

    -It will be easier if I do it on your hosting for better results, I will need your ftp info and admin access.

    -Your host must be using php5 (integrations works better that way)

    -Starting from scratch is better, if that is not possible make sure your site is user integrated already

    -I do my best to everything to match your WP theme.

    -If your WP theme has a sidebar I will incorporate that.

    -I will not customize your theme to look a certain way. Moving things around, removing or adding features etc etc.

    -Not all WP themes are able to convert, please understand this.

    Contact gerikg [at]

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