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Do I have any options?

  • amitlin96


    Hi there!

    I’m in a bit of a dilemma, here are my circumstances:

    1. I want to use bbPress, but as a forum alone – My website is going to be a static homepage and a forum, no more and no less, and i would really hate to use a wordpress to accomplish such a simple task, it would really be an overkill, im not going to use ANY forum of cms, so id really hate to install wordpress ONLY so i can use bbPress, is there any way to get bbPress as a forum alone, not as a plugin?

    2. In the homepage, i want there to be two boxes:
    Box1 – shows the latest topic from a certain forum(the announcement forum), including the title, and content, number of comments and user that posted it.

    Box2 – shows a featured topic. I know there is a plugin for this, im just curios if i could use functions from bbPress, outside of bbPress, as in, in the homepage page, which is not a wordpress page.

    So these are my circumstances. What do you think? should i install wordpress JUST so i could use the forum(if so, is there any way to really trim it down? i dont need the users system, comments, pages, posts, etc. Almost everything revolves around the forum)? If not, what are the alternatives?

    bbPress is a really great software, and would really want to use it 🙂

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  • kannued


    Using wordpress is not overkill. Think of wordpress as an overall operating system where you have registration and login abilities, different roles for different users, spam filters like Wangguard. Then you use bbpress as a plugin for your forum.

    How can you not want the user system if you have a forum?

    WP is not overkill.



    I do want a user system, just not that of a blog, i need that of a forum.

    I just dont want a blog, im not going to use it, and also, arnt there anti spam plugins for bbpress alone?



    You don’t need to use the blog of WP. Just use the bbpress plugin. The current BBPress version is not standalone.

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