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displaying thread in html page

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    OK, I’m not sure this is the right place for this but here goes.

    I’ve already set up my site. My home page is a wordpress blog that is integrated with bbpress. The bulk of the site is plain html pages. I find that when I pull a post out of wp and put it in a streamlined html page google does a better job of picking adds that match the content and I get more clicks on advertising. Now the question/problem. I want to keep the comments at the bottom of each post after I’ve moved it over to html. They are still there in bbpress and I can place a link to the forum, but I would much prefer to have the comments visible at the bottom of each post. If this is going to be too much work for someone literate in html, semi-literate in php and illiterate in css, then is there someone that can and will write a hack for it?

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