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displaying recent subcategories's topics categories

  • Rkarel


    I am going to use a lot of categories and subcategory in the BBPress forums, how can I make displaying the most recent 15 subcategories’s topics in my categories? For example, the main forum’s page displays [bbp-forum-index] and [bbp-topic-index] , if I am goint to category’s page, this page displays only subcategories, and i want to display resent topics under list of subcategories! Sorry for my English 🙂

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  • John James Jacoby


    Hi @rkarel,

    Welcome to the forums. If I understand correctly, to do what you want, you’ll likely need to dive into the templates and start writing some custom code.

    bbPress comes with a very basic set of templates to get you started, so that you can quickly get started using it. Once you want to customize the look and feel, it’s very similar to WordPress, where you’ll need custom code to do it.

    Check out the documentation to get started. There are lots of hints and tips in there.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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