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Displaying forum in a category

  • sucre


    Hi all you guys,
    i’ve been trying to display a specific forum in a specific category. Like all categories must have a different forum.

    To do this, i added a text field to the category with Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Then i write [bbp-single-forum id=196] in that field. (196 is the id number of the forum that i want to display for this category)

    To show this, i added this codes to category page in my theme

    $category_id = 'category_' . get_queried_object_id();
    $dforum = get_field( 'forum', $category_id ); 
    <?php echo do_shortcode($dforum);

    it’s working great. However, if you enter a topic (ex. a topic)the page goes to But i want to read this topic in the category page. I tried to use iframe but i doesnt work. Please help.

    my site (click forum tab) :

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