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Display Username instead of Real name

  • IDN101


    I have been struggling with this for a few days now and I’m tearing my hair out!

    It’s absolutely crucial that my forum only displays Usernames and NOT real names.

    This thread seems to be the most promising info I could find…

    User profile link, only show username.

    I tried Robin’s Plugin…

    bbpress username plugin

    And I got REALLY excited as it seemed to do the trick. HOWEVER, I found one deal-breaker: When you look at the Forum Index- the plugin seems to put the Avatar of the latest Fresh post but show the Username of the Oldest post in that forum. Freshness time is displayed correctly.

    If I Deactivate the plugin, All data is correct again, but obviously I am then getting real names displayed again.

    I have emailed Robin to see if he is still supporting the plugin and can rectify.

    Is there anybody here who would very kindly be able to walk me through step-by-step how to make this work. I don’t mind editing PHP files- I have no experience in PHP, but I can open them with Notepad and copy/paste text if someone can steer me.

    I am so desperately frustrated with this issue. It’s to the detriment of my forum as members are reluctant to post unless its just their Username that is shown.

    Many thanks in advance,

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