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Display comment field for non-logged in user

  • To promote more interaction/commenting on my forum, is it possible to display the Reply comment field to all users (including non-logged in users)?

    Then, once the user clicks “submit” for their reply to the topic – it then asks them to login (or register) if they have not done so already.

    I ask because currently – how the Reply to the thread feature is implemented, it discourages interaction because it doesn’t display a field to reply unless you are logged in.

    If you can get a non-logged in user to type and try to reply, even if not logged in and THEN ask them to log in (or register) after they have clicked “submit”- they are more likely to create an account and contribute to the discussion.

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  • this is not a bad idea at all.. i vote for this

    but the message would need to be stored somehow, even if the user is not registered or logged in, and then submitted for display once the user registers or logs in.

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