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Discussion list, compact with expand & collaspe

  • lizat


    I would like my discussion list display to be somewhat more compact. Can I display a single line, with the subject, author, no avatar and then expand or collapse in-line. Is this do-able?

    Thank you


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  • lizat


    I should have been clear and indicated that I mean I want this facility at the point where you get to all the posts; I would like to see all listed and have the ability to expand or collapse, plus remove the avatar

    thank you,


    Robin W


    Yes it can be done, but you’d need to have some coding skills.

    You’d need to amend loop-single-reply.

    Start by creating a directory called “bbpress” under you theme directory



    and copy this file


    to it

    This file is then used by a higher loop to display the topic and replies as you now see them, with avatars and all the content.

    You can then amend this file to display as a single line items, presumably with a post link attached.



    Hi all,

    Robin suggested that it is possible to expand and collapse the replies in a thread. However my php skills are rudimentary so I am wondering if someone has the solution?

    This is what I want – in perfect world:

    • to allow replies to have a title (they do in the back end but never when the user is posting)
    • to display a thread as a collapsed, and indented, list using the title (or first line if titles proves impossible) as the default view
    • to offer an expand “button” to allow the user to see the full text of anything that is collapsed
    • to offer a collapse”button” to allow the user to collapse and expanded item
    • to complete the usability it would be good to have a config parameter that the user sets to indicate if he wants collapsed or expanded threads as default – but this is a plug-in change, I include it here for completeness

    If anyone has don anything similar please share it, I think it may be a good addition to the dev requests in the long-run?

    Thank you……… liz

    I have yet to look closely at the code in each of the following plugin (I’m scared of Javascript, jQuery and AJAX ;)) though they might be a good starter for the functionality you are after.

    bbPress – Ajax Replies and bbPress – Ajax Topics

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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