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Disappearing Topics and Replies?

  • Perpetual Frustration


    I’ve created a series of Forums on this site:

    They are located here at

    I used a series of shortcodes so I could customize the pages…

    I seem to be running into a problem of “now you see them now you dont” when topics or replies are posted.. almost as if the short codes cant hold the link to the topics and replies.. yet the one main topic I “stuck” to the top and closed as an admin always remains.

    If you register for the forums, everythings fine… if you post, it seems to be fine.. but go back later.. and its gone. I cant make any sense out of this. It all seems very buggy… I’m suspicious of a conflict in there somewhere, sometimes the wp menu bar shows.. and I can see the posts.. sometimes.. even though Im logged in it disappears.. but is there to touch.. and I can still see the posts.. sometimes its gone completetly and bbpress thinks I logged out completely, then I can see nothing.. grrrrrrr

    The short of it.. these forums arent working right… very frustrating and somehow I need to fix it. I cant just start disabling things without affecting the whole site.

    Any sugestions?

    With the disappearing toolbar over top.. I suspect a conflict.

    I currently run WP 3.8.1
    I also use BBPress 2.5.3, BBPress reCapctha 1.1, mailchimp for wordpress lite 1.5.7, W3 Total Cache 0.9.3, WP SEO

    Im lost.. about to go into the long haul of troubleshooting but any suggestions would be helpful.. I am by no means an expert in these forums, these are the first I have ever built.

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  • Robin W


    I’d try and eliminate any conflicts

    Deactivate any other plugins and see if a disappeared topic reappears. If so, re-enable the plugins one at a time to see which is causing the issue.

    If that doesn’t help, then try switching to a default theme such as twenty twelve and see if it’s a theme issue.

    Come back and let us know how you get on

    Perpetual Frustration


    Im guessing its that nasty MailChimp Lite plugin.. I’ll be checking later tonight.
    I had tested this when I originally installed and didnt have these problems.. or at least I think so. I only installed Mailchimp in there a few days ago.

    I’ll disable it bit by bit in hopes its not totally useless.. *sigh*
    Whenever that control strip starts disappearing over top in admin mode.. its always a conflict.. so I still have hope…. those forums are a major part of that site.

    Can’t switch the theme at this point.. t’would be suicide.

    You should be able to do most of this debug testing in under 5 minutes, this is the quickest and most effective way of troubleshooting. Once you determine what plugin or theme is causing the conflict then you can either choose to not reanble it or renable it, then do some research with the plugin/theme author to try and get the issue fixed.

    Perpetual Frustration


    So it turns out it definately was the MailChimp plug in.. I disabled a few of the checkboxes.. it got better but was still buggy.. then I disabled it all together and ran it through a series of posts and tests, log ins as admin, log ins as a user.. seems to be working fine .. so far.

    It sucks though because I was really hoping to use that Mailchimp plug in to build our mailing list.. now I may have to do it manually.

    I had a quick search of the MailChimp knowledge base and couldn’t see anything bbPress related but I suggest you contact them and file a support request or post in their support forum. I’d be quite surprised if you were the only having an issue.

    Perpetual Frustration


    Mailchimp for WordPress I dont think is actually made by Mailchimp?
    Mailchimp Widget for WordPress is. They all seem to play on those words. Probably why it wasnt showing up.
    I was trying this one in particular because it used a checkbox in the wp registration area and used that registration info to add the user to my mailchimp database. The Mailchimp one doesnt seem that flexable, it made the user fill it out twice which isnt cool.. but then, apparently this one wasnt either… there must be a way and I’ll find it.

    Main thing is I know exactly what the problem is now and that its not a BBPress thing.
    That is a huge relief.. 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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