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Disable posting and registration

  • Hi,

    I am about to migrate my current bbpress site over to a new server and would like to freeze posting and registration so that the databases don’t get out of sync. I don’t really want to take the whole forum offline, though.. I’d like visitors to still be able to read through the existing posts. Does anyone know of a quick way to do this?

    TIA :)

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  • 1. remove /register.php or redirect it to somewhere, or replace it with your page (tell visitors your forum temporarily doesn’t accept new registrations) then you can skip step 2.

    2. remove register link from your login-form.php in you template folder.

    3. Use this. You may need these

    $roles['member']['capabilities'] = array('read' => true);
    $roles['moderator']['capabilities'] = array('read' => true);
    $roles['administrator']['capabilities'] = array('read' => true);

    Thanks! I’ll try it out.

    Do you know if the Changes Roles Stuff plugin is compatible with bbpress 0.8? i installed it, but it doesn’t seem to be getting called. I have, in my-plugins/custom-roles.php:

    Plugin Name: Changes Roles Stuff
    Plugin URI:
    Description: Changes Roles Stuff

    function ChangesRolesStuff($roles) {
    // Changes Key Master Role's display name to 'The Boss'
    $roles['keymaster']['name'] = 'The Boss';

    $roles['member']['capabilities'] = array('read' => true);
    $roles['moderator']['capabilities'] = array('read' => true);
    $roles['administrator']['capabilities'] = array('read' => true);
    return $roles;

    add_filter('get_roles', 'ChangesRolesStuff');

    but people can still post.

    Did you activate it? and did you use a normal user to try posting? (keymaster remains all permissions)

    I noticed you probably use WP and bbPress together (by your recent posts), I have no idea if this code can work under that condition.

    * Sorry! I just realized that you meant 0.8. Well, I started to use bbPress from 0.8.3, so I don’t know is this compatible to 0.8. You need to check capabilities.php if available in 0.8.

    thanks, yeah, i am not using bbpress + wordpress on the installation i’m trying to disable posts and registration on.. that’s the old one that’s getting moved to the new site that has wordpress.

    0.8 doesn’t have plugin activation, i guess everything’s just enabled by default (someone correct me if i’m wrong). i’ll have to check out capabilities.php tomorrow (i’m off to a halloween party!). thanks for the help. :)

    I checked 0.8 in svn. You can simply comment out or remove those capabilities in capabilities.php.

    thanks man. :)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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