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Bottom – WordPress/bbPress integration, huge customisation

  • John Blackbourn


    I thought I would show off my first completed bbPress project:

    (Note: currently the forum login integration is actually broken (see this thread) due to my hastiness to upgrade WordPress to 2.8 without finishing checking everything first.)

    User registration and logging in/out is all handled through bbPress. Integration worked perfectly first time when following the invaluable basic integration screencast by sambauers.

    Customisations include:

    • A bbPress theme written from the ground up, to match the rest of the site.
    • Extended user profiles showing “Currently reading” and favourite books (example of a full profile).
    • Private profile fields for private information needed when signing up for events.
    • Additional meta information on topics to optionally display the book being discussed (example on this topic).
    • Reverse thread ordering option, to allow visitors and users to reverse the order of posts in a thread (persistent).
    • Custom avatar uploading functionality (defaults to Gravatar).
    • Basic but surprisingly effective protection against spam user registrations in the form of blocking any registration which includes a value in the URL profile field (this field is not used on the site nor shown on the registration form). It works on the premise that any registration submission that includes a value in the URL field must be an automated spam bot registration and can simply be blocked.
    • A second level of spam registration protection using the API.

    All the customisations have been achieved through custom plugins, the core hasn’t been touched. All the book images and links are automatically pulled in from the Amazon Web Services API.

    I’m planning on releasing a couple of the plugins I wrote for the site once I’ve tidied them up and added some comments. I’ll probably wait until bbPress 1.0 though.

    Any feedback appreciated!

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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