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  • clarkhaley


    I’m putting together a forum site for a group of sailboat owners. We currently are using a Yahoo Group to share ideas/ask questions, etc., but it is difficult to search. What we LIKE about Yahoo is that we can choose to receive an email for each new topic post AND Reply, or we can receive a daily or weekly digest. Most of us use the daily digest since we are out in the islands cruising and bandwidth is difficult to come by. Many of us actually use a Single Side Band radio with a Pactor modem and a program called SailMail that allows us to send/receive text emails at very slow speed (300-19200 Baud!!). I can’t find a plug-in that can provide email notification like Yahoo does. Any suggestions? I’ve set up bbPress with BuddyPress, but we don’t use the group feature in BP.


    Captain Clark Haley
    S/V Double Wide

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  • Have a look at a few of these plugins and see if one of them will suit your needs.




    I installed the “bbPress Email Notifications” plugin, but I have buddypress installed and the two aren’t compatible. If I deactivate BP, I get access to the bbPress member settings.

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