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difficulty integrating wp/bbp

  • OK… I’m trying to integrate bbpress (whatever the current version as of 11/17/07 is) with wordpress, hosted on my site.

    It’s a train wreck.

    In no particular order, but all of equal importance…

    bbpress recognizes all the usernames from wp, however my admin account doesn’t give me access to anything. When it was first installed I was able to log in with admin and the random password and get to the dashboard.

    Actions are all met with “No Input File Specified”. In other words, Can’t read posts, can’t read can’t enter forums, can’t view profile.

    I saw the plugins to integrate, and downloaded the WP plugin, which says is activated (although I’m not sure how to edit it appropriately with the prefixes), and apparently there’s a plugin for bbpress but I can only find the “trac” version of it, not the original, and anyway can’t get to the dashboard to do anything with it. When I could, the trac version didn’t show up, even though I had uploaded that to the my-plugins directory as instructed in the integrating section…

    Here’s the url for the WP site and the bbpress site…



    Does anyone have time to help me out?

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  • Check your database content via phpmyadmin for a capabilities entry in wp_usermeta and, if it exists, delete it. Try the admin panel again.

    No input file specified is a standard PHP error. Nothing to do with bb. From a quick google (I have no actual knowledge of this):

    The basic issue was that PHP-as-CGI REALLY REALLY wants SCRIPT_FILENAME.

    It ignores the command line. It ignores SCRIPT_NAME. It wants SCRIPT_FILENAME.

    This very informative error message from PHP means that your web server, WHATEVER it is, is not setting SCRIPT_FILENAME.

    The “No input file specified” error is because you are using pretty urls. Are you using GoDaddy as your host? Because I was having that problem with them too even though my pretty urls worked with wp they did not work with bbpress. I transferred to another host and everything was better.

    OK… Thanks for the start here…

    Yes, I do host with godaddy… There has to be a better resolution than to switch hosts, though…

    Will see what I can come up with… If anyone else has ideas let me know…

    OK… Here’s the latest. You should know, I’m one step above clueless and very dangerous because of it…

    went to myadmin to play with the database. I searched for capabilities and it returned all my user listings… Since I was nervous about deleting anything, I created a second account and gave it admin access.

    I deleted the entry for the capabilities admin… and it deleted my admin access to wp. It changed that username (admin) to ‘no role on this system’ or something similar. (so I logged in with the other admin account and went back to give the original access again).

    So the net result of that is that I still can’t get at a dashboard with either admin accounts in bb.

    The other file issue was corrected when I changed prettylinks to false. Now I can read posts, edit profile etc. although as mentioned above, still no dashboard access.

    Oh, yeah… Still confused about what I need to edit in the wp plugin to make it work correctly… Unless it IS working correctly since all my wp users could in theory log in and use the bb.

    One other new thing that I didn’t realize was happening… WP usernames with spaces (test user) are not able to log into bb, however WP names without spaces (testuser) are able to log in without difficulties.

    Thanks for the help… Perhaps someone can help me figure out where I went wrong?

    OK… Resolved… Sorta.



    How did you resolve the problem, for the benefit of others who might be having the same trouble?

    Can you please explain how, in case anyone else has your problem?

    OK, So the original issues that I was able to resolve were:

    Every action had a “no input file specified” error

    Apparently this is a GoDaddy hosting issue with permalinks. I set that to false in the config.php and the issue was corrected.

    No access to dashboard with admin

    I removed the installation completely, including all references in the database and reinstalled AFTER adding and activating the wp-plugin. In the original installation I added the plugins after setting up bb installation so I had to set up my own admin information. On the re-installation the admin account was automatically created with the information from the wp database.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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