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different ways to get reply content?

  • Josh


    What is the best way to get the content of a reply? Right now I’m using bbp_get_reply_content() and it was working fine until I added the GD bbPress Attachments plugin. Somehow that plugin is adding text to the end of the reply content, which doesn’t show up in the forums itself but does show up in a custom forum loop I have on my homepage. E.g replies look like this: “Lorem ipsum etc. Attachments: [delete | detach] [delete | detach] [delete | detach].” FYI, I’m using wp_trim_words to only get the first 30 or so words of the reply, so this garbage text from the plugin only appears on very short replies.

    Is there a different way to get the reply text? Anybody else have this issue with the attachment plugin?


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  • Robin W


    Think you probably need to crack open the plugin, and see where GD bbPress Attachments is adding a filter, and exactly what code it is using. You might then be able to mod this in your loop to re-strip it out.

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