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Different User Groups with different Permissions possible?

  • michael.oeser


    Hi there,

    I´m new to bbPress and I was running an SMF forum for quite a while. I like to use bbPress because it integrates seamlessly into my WP site. That said I´d like to do the following:

    I need 10 different user groups. Each user group should have access to specific forums. Forums that they don´t have access to should be hidden from them.


    User John is member of the group X. Group X can see and write into forum X but not into forum Y and Z.
    User Jane is member of the group Y. Group Y can see and write into forum Y but not into forum X and Z.
    User Jim is member of the group A. Group A can see and write into any forum

    So some users can see only specific forums and some users can see all forums.

    That is a simple task with SMF but how can I achieve that with bbPress?

    Thanks in advance

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