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Different user for WordPress and bbpress

  • alexpreyer


    I have an WordPress site where we have one login for many visitors, because not everyone should see the content.
    Inside this WordPress installation is also bbpress installation. There we want to have each user separetly logged in with his own username. Because many users will login in the WordPress site, but only a few will use the forum we choosed this way.
    Is it possible to get a separate login for bbpress when already logged in WordPress?

    Thanks all for your help

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  • Robin W


    you could use my private groups plugin.

    you would create two groups

    1. called say all
    2. called say individuals

    you can then put all the forums as members of the individual group, but no forums would have the world group.

    Then all individual users would be added to the individuals group.

    Then anyone logging in with the world username would not see any forums, but when logging in as individuals they would see the forums.



    Hi Robin,
    thanks for your hint. Looks good for me. Tried it already.
    But one question I still have.
    The users log in with the “world” user to see the normal pages. When I then go to the forum I get an error because the forum is restricted to the individual users. How can they now register for the forum. I tried to redirect to a register page, but get there an error that I’m already logged in (with the world user). What would be the best way for the users (usability)?
    Do they have to log out and register (the first time)?
    Thanks a lot

    Robin W


    because bbpress uses the wordpress login, you can’t have two logins on the same domain.

    So your best bet would be to say to people

    use the ‘world’ login for everyone, but individuals swap to an individual login and only use that once they have been given an individual that is all they use.



    Hmm, maybe I’m working with two wordpress installations.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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