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Different levels of private possible?

  • royho


    Wondering if anyone has done this and or need something similar to what I am trying to do.

    I need something along the lines of 2 levels of private as visibility because I have 2 custom roles for example level-1 role and level-2 role. I need level-2 role users to have full read/create/edit access to their own posts in all forums but I need level-1 role users to have read/create/edit access ONLY to a certain forum. So they don’t even see the forums level-2 users can see.

    But since private is the only visibility settings possible, I am not sure this would work unless there is an easy way to add our own custom visibility settings. If so, has anyone done this and can provide some direction here?

    I search for plugins but did not find anything that works for this…


    NOTE: I know we can add_filter to the visibility dropdown to add to it, but I am not sure where the filter is to save it because adding to it is just half the process.

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