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Different Header in Sub-Forum and Sub-Sub-Forum

  • stelifant


    Hello Everybody,

    First English is not my native language and I’m not really advanced in webdesign, sorry :).

    I have a weird issue with my header in my bbPress forums.

    All my main forums show the correct header e.g.


    But all my sub-forums show a wrong header e.g.


    I have created a “single-post” template in elementor for this pages. Both, the main as well as the sub forums, relate to the same template.

    Further i have created different headers and deleted some in the process. In the end I had like 5 different headers for different pages. The display conditions of the main header “header_main” should be on all pages, Singular and Archives except some exclusions (which all belongs to single sides or parent sides).

    By inspecting and comparing the body class of both, I can’t find a class difference.
    They are both single, single-forum pages. So I can exclude different display properties.
    But the inspection shows a compleatly different header.

    Actually the header-id “site-header” which is displayed in the inspection don’t even existe in my Templates anymore. Maybe it’s an old one…

    – I think i can exclude issues with the display conditions from the “main_header”.
    – Also i should be able to exclude cash issues. I use “Wp Fastes Cache” regulary to delete the cache.

    I have no idea where the issue comes from and are grateful for every idea.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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