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Difference Between Visibility and Content Permissions?

  • demonboy


    Hi all,

    Newb here, rattling my way through the functionality of this excellent plug-in. I’m a little confused though, perhaps it’s best if I explain what I am trying to do.

    A new forum has been created. Anyone can see the new forum name and the description. However to drill down into this forum or to contribute to it requires membership. I’ve added the plug-in ‘WP-Member’ so I can set a subscriber of my website to ‘forum contributor’. Essentially this is a subscription-only forum but I want a read-only version available for everyone to see as a teaser, but all topics within the forum must be hidden/private, available only to modrum contributors (ie anyone with granted membership).

    At the moment I have the parent forum set to:

    Type: Forum

    Status: Open

    Visibility: Public

    The Content Permissions are ‘Forum Contributor’ and ‘Forum Moderator’ only.

    This means anyone can see the parent forum and anyone can click on the link to see its topics.

    I assumed that by setting the parent forum visibility to ‘Private’, only ‘forum contributors’ would see the forum, but this is not the case. When set to ‘private’, no one can see the forum.

    What settings on that parent forum do I set so anyone can see the forum but can’t click on the link to see the topics? Also how do I allow a ‘forum contributor’ to see this forum and the respective child topics?

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