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Diagnosing multiple admin user roles

  • Epco


    Hi, sorry for kicking this topic, but I’m having a problem probably related to this.
    I have a site with 2 admins/keymasters. As soon as I activate bbPress the other admin loses his role. Apon checking the database I find for him the wp_capabilities change from:




    When adjusting his rights in All Users -Edit the only roles available are: Subscriber, Contributor, Author and Editor.

    And when I disable bbPress and go into All Users -Edit, I can have the full list of roles (Keymaster, Participant, Blocked, Spectator, ..). These are forum roles, not general WordPress roles. Even in the database I find the 2nd admin (actually the 1st admin btw) now has the wp_capabilities a:1:{s:13:"bbp_keymaster";b:1;}, which is clearly bbp related.

    I’m running WordPress 4.0 with main plugins Theatre (, WordPress SEO (by Yoast), Contact Form 7 and some minor plugins for adjusting posts, background and the like (nothing role related).

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  • And I moved your topic to a separate topic and wrapped some code backticks 😉

    What happens if you create a new third user? Does the same weirdness occur?

    Looking at the backwpup_admin is this from a plugin creating a WordPress custom role? Maybe

    If that is the case what happens when you disable this plugin and try updating the roles?

    Again with that plugin disabled what happens when you create another new user?



    Hi, BackupWP uses it’s own role list (just like bbpress seems to do with Forum Role).
    With bbPress activated adding a new user also gives me the short list of roles. Deactivated I get a mixed list of roles, and there is no seperate field for the forum anymore.

    I’m trying some scenarios on a clean install, but up to now it’s still ok. I’ll keep trying step by step with adding and activating plugins to see where it goes wrong.



    Hi, took a while (been checking a lot of backups to pinpoint the moment of the bug appearing). But I could recreate te same by setting up a new site, add a second admin to the site and then installing and activating BackWpup, checking the settings (a nice new column in Users named ‘BackWPup role’, and still all standard roles available on a new user), then installing and activating bbPress and bingo. Only the first admin (or probably the admin who installed bbPress, thats the fitting scenario for the live site) is now Keymaster, for new accounts there are only 4 standard roles available (no admin, only subscriber, writer, author and editor).
    Opening All users shows both users are actually Site Role = admin, BackWPup Role = BackWPup Admin and Forum Role only the user installing bbPress is Keymaster.
    Then when I open the other user and scroll down to Site Role (named just Role here) IT shows — No role for this site –. Scrolling down shows both the role setting for BackWPup and Forums, with BackWPup defaults to BackWPup Admin (probably because I didn’t configure it yet) and Forum Role = — No role for these forums –.
    In our live site I see the following: With bbpress installed, activated, used with some forums and 3 different users, in the user edit view there’s a Role field (limited to the 4 lesser roles), a BackWPup Role and a Forum role.
    When we deactivate bbpress the Forum Role is gone, but now the Forum Roles are visible in the Site Role list, next to the aforementioned roles, still lacking the Admin role.
    The same happens when deactivating bbpress on my test site.



    Furthermore, after disabling BackWPup and then going into user edit (new or existing) the Forum role is gone (with bbPress still active). The Site role contains both the 4 minor site roles and the 3 BackWPup roles.
    If I install bbPress first, then BackWPup, everything seems to go fine. All admins remain admin, and the separate columns for both BackWPup roles and Forum roles are visible and, in user edit, adjustable. Site role still has all the roles, including administrator.
    Now when I deactivate bbPress the forum roles disappear, and the other roles are still intact. After activating bbPress again and, after checking every role is there in proper places, then deactivating backWPup, it happens again. Now I have forum roles intact, but site roles now has not only the five standard roles (yup, including admin), but also the backWPup roles.

    So, concluding it seems the problem is more with backWPup then bbPress. I will add my findings to their support.

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