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"Details" Won't Open in Topics – Replies

  • Matoca


    “Details” is failing to open in the forum when I click on it. I need to use this for a number of reasons, but today I need to split a topic. There doesn’t seem to be a way to split a topic in the dashboard so I am SOL.

    When I hover over “Details” the url will show the thread # and it will act like it is going to open but nothing happens.

    Thank you, Matoca

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  • I am not sure what you mean, bbPress does not include any links titles details

    Could you explain it in more detail please, maybe some screenshots if that will help and/or a link to your forums.



    Sorry for the poor explanation. On each topic post or reply, next to the author’s name is Details. Clicking that opens a menu of items, more for the moderators, less for non-registered users. This gives me options like the IP number, the post number, the date, Edit, Close, Split, Stick, Merge, Trash, Spam, Reply. I use this, and so do my moderators, to spam posts simply. I also use it to split topics off from the parent. Details would not open yesterday, I wanted to split a topic, but couldn’t.

    Interestingly enough, I also simultaneously had a new problem with a NextGEN HTML5 slideshow playback on the forum pages not loading which I have also been trying to fix (following a NextGEN upgrade.) Today I changed the settings on the slideshow to Flash playback to see if that worked, it did, the slideshow plays.

    And now, the Details are working again in the replies. So this is not a bbPress problem, at least I don’t think so. Something is funky with HTML5, whether it is just NextGEN or something on the server (PHP version?), well I can’t figure that out yet. But trying to load the HTML5 slideshow did mess with the Details display.

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    Sorry to bother you,
    my best, Matoca

    Thanks for the explanation and it’s all good, I’m with you now, the Firmasite theme uses modified templates and thats where the ‘details’ link comes from.

    Kind of a weird issue though, I’d double check that it is not an issue with the Firmasite theme, try switching your theme to Twenty Fourteen with bbPress and NextGEN Gallery enabled and see if the issue persists.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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