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detail of Style.css ?

  • tymbusku


    Hi ALL
    In which line of style.css describ those color????

    f.ex: sticky color is on the line 161 of style.css

    1) the color of your forums name? (the one on the right-top corner)

    2) the background color of forums ?

    3) the title of table ?(the gray one on the top: Topic — Add New » Posts Last Poster Freshness …)

    4) the original topic color ? (there 2 colors i think)

    5) those words color? (Hot tags, Latest Discussions, Forums, View..)

    6) the white line under under those title: Hot tags, lastest discussions…?

    7) all link words ?( add new, no-reply, untag… the original color is green)

    8) all link words ?(when mose hover)

    8) background color of the bottom section of forums ?(there is : xxxxxxx is proudly powered by bbPress)

    9) Now, when u add a new topic, theres a table which ask u the subjet, the content, the tag and the ection. i want to change the background color of this table, which line it is?

    10)Now, when u look at a topic, theres the original post and reply. the background of each one is on which line?

    11)last thing..: i want to also change those word (the word, not the color) : ‘Enter a few words(call tag)separeted by spaces to help someone find your topic’ and ‘ pick a section’

    Thank you a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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