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“Demo site” – wordpress integrations problem

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  • chrishajer


    Please post a link to your site. And the version of WordPress and bbPress.

    Sounds like something built into the theme. Can you try the default theme and see what happens?

    thank you!

    using peacemaker theme on bbpress

    ideally i’d like to be able to access the functions so that I can integrate the pages better.

    i just tried the default and it didn’t do the demo thing… any ideas in which file i can disable this in the theme?

    I’ll but back the other theme so that you can see it…

    thank you again for your help!

    wait… it didn’t work in the default theme either…

    I am putting the line:

    if (file_exists(‘../wp-blog-header.php’))


    in right before:

    if ( !defined(‘BB_PATH’) )

    define(‘BB_PATH’, dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/’ );

    require_once( BB_PATH . ‘bb-settings.php’ );


    when I put it at the end i got an error that i cannot define it twice…

    is there a better place to put in the “require_once?



    You need to put that include line at the very top of bb-config.php, right after <?php. What happens if you do that?

    still the same… still a “demo site”

    also with the regular theme I just can’t login.

    Could it be an integration problem? a conflict between another wp integration process?



    That’s weird. I found a few places on the net where that text is visible, someone using the peacemaker theme from I can’t find that text in the theme though or in the mistylook WordPress theme. Maybe the version you installed is different than the current one available for download.

    I would grep through all the files in your web space and see if the work “Regisration” exists. If it does, then it’s coming from something installed on the server. If that word does not exist, then that’s coming from a plugin or something else installed on your server. Sometimes plugins are tied to certain domains, and having it on another domain will not work, and you might get a message like this.

    Please check all your files for that very unique “Regisration” word.

    yeah, but it happens with the regular theme as well. when I try logging in it just throws me out…

    i created a bum guest account…



    check it out.

    same think with admin or any other user…

    so i don’t think it’s the theme

    i disabled all the plugins… same deal



    Did you look through all your files for that word? If it’s not in the files, then it’s encoded in the files (some WordPress themes have that base 64 encoded crap in the theme) or it’s coming from somewhere else, right?

    I would try to find out where it’s coming from so you can figure out how to remove it.

    thank you I’ll let you know.

    ok, i found it in the theme file login-form.php

    any ideas? here is the file… I am having trouble figuring out why it wont let me login when i have the require_once(‘../wp-blog-header.php’); in my bb-config


    <form class=”login” method=”post” action=”<?php bb_option(‘uri’); ?>bb-login.php”>

    <p>Regisration disabled. This is a demo site.</p>

    <label><?php _e(‘Username:’); ?>

    <input name=”user_login” type=”text” id=”user_login” size=”13″ maxlength=”40″ value=”<?php echo attribute_escape( $_COOKIE[ bb_get_option( ‘usercookie’ ) ] ); ?>” />


    <label><?php _e(‘Password:’); ?>

    <input name=”password” type=”password” id=”password” size=”13″ maxlength=”40″ />


    <input name=”re” type=”hidden” value=”<?php global $re; echo $re; ?>” />

    <input type=”submit” name=”Submit” id=”submit” value=”<?php echo attribute_escape( __(‘Log in »’) ); ?>” />




    Well, that text being displayed won’t have any effect on logging in. It’s not a conditional, it’s just printing out the text. You can safely remove that and it won’t appear onscreen.

    So that text was a red herring.

    Now, ignoring the Regisration text, what problem are you having logging in?


    when I have the line: if (file_exists(‘../wp-blog-header.php’))


    in my bb-config.php file when I try to log in the wont accept it. as if the cookies are disabled…



    What happens when you try to log in? The log in fails, or you are redirected to the form, or you get some sort of error message?

    no error, no failure.

    i’ll set it up so you can see

    try logging in with

    UN: guest1

    PW: q%dxPv8&xBz1

    as you can see it acts completely normal, it just looks like you never logged in…


    if i remove the line: if (file_exists(‘../wp-blog-header.php’))


    then this does not happen.

    This happens with any theme i put up.



    I see you’re running WordPress 2.6.1. What version bbPress did you install? I think I asked that before but I must have missed the answer. The alpha branch of bbPress is compatible with WordPress 2.6.* but the 0.9 branch is not.

    {light bulb} ahhh! I have installed… i’ll try the alpha

    thankyou! can i just “upgrade”? or do i have to do a clean install?

    thank you for your help!

    I upgraded and it worked like a charm.

    I inserted the line in my config file and it works now.

    THank you for your help!

    I upgraded to alpha. It was working fine. then I added the line:

    if (file_exists(‘../wp-blog-header.php’))


    into the bb-conig file. This time, instead of not letting me log in, now it does, but it wont let me go into the admin area…

    any ideas?

    It works now! I hddn’t set up the “wordpress integration” with the new installation.

    Thanks for your help!

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