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  • indietest


    WP Version: 3.6 | bbPress Version: 2.4 | Website:

    Howdy Guys,

    i have the problem, that i cant delete the sidebar. i already searched for this problem but all the solutions deosnt work for me, because most of the files (like forum.php) is not existing.


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  • Anonymous User 5853594


    Have you tried switching the template of the forum page to a full width option?

    And you could use a plugin to control on which page which widget is shown. Jetpack’s new Widget Visibility module can do that job quite nicely.



    I ended up adding a new CSS rule to my theme’s CSS file, luckily bbPress uses a unique class on the page. Adding the following removed the sidebar from my theme, which is based on Genesis:

    body.bbpress .sidebar {
    display: none ! important;
    width: 0px;

    body.bbpress #content {width: 920px;}

    Keep in mind that the content width of 920px is based on my theme’s container and you may need to adjust it to suit your needs.

    Here is my installation:

    Verplancke Jeroen


    What do you mean with:

    “Have you tried switching the template of the forum page to a full width option?”

    Where is this “template” ?



    For a page you write, you can choose the type of layout you want given that your theme offers that. However, bbPress runs on a page created on the fly, three is no page called “forums” unless you create one and then use shortcodes to bring up the forum.

    Every theme has a CSS file which can be edited within WordPress. Go to Appearance/Editor and your theme CSS should load. I edited my theme’s CSS and added the code I gave in my previous post.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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