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default templates being used

  • hmmm…I must have missed something. When I uploaded desmond, it went back to the default template. I have re-uploaded the “my-template” and “my-plugins” folders, nothing. I even went so far as to rename bb-templates, and it threw some errors. Any ideas what I’ve done wrong?

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  • With 0.8, we still use the my-templates and my-plugins directories. What you need to do is create a directory for your theme that you have and put it in the my-templates directory:

    /root directory/my-templates/your-theme/

    Then, what I did was copy all the files from the default theme into my directory folder that I hadn’t changed to make a complete template folder. For example, if you changed only style.css, header.php, front-page.php and footer.php, then copy the rest of the files from the default template into that folder as well.

    Once you have all those files in your theme directory, go to the admin => presentation => and pick your theme! It works pretty slick. You may want to take a snapshot of your theme and upload it so that the admin area knows which one it is! Uploading a snapshot with the name screenshot.png should do the trick!





    the theme system in the 0.8 version is a little different from the 0.75 version. this is an upgrade.

    put the theme files in a folder and drop that folder in the bb-templates or my-templates directory.

    I didn’t know you could drop the folder into my-templates as well. Interesting…that might be a better solution! Thanks for the 411. Does it need to be a complete folder then or just changed files? I didn’t even bother testing that out! ?


    Awesome…didn’t know this was an upgrade for this version. But I love it…

    Please don’t put anything in bb-templates! This will be problematic for you later.

    Put your templates in a subdirectory of my-templates/ :)

    Check out

    So changed files still will work then! That is nice to hear!


    * edit *

    i wasn’t logged in as the keymaster admin. so nevermind.


    Thank you!!!

    Yes, this worked great for me. I thank you all!

    I’m assuming this path works just as good right?

    /root directory/bb-templates/your-theme/

    That’s what I am doing at the present time, w/o the latest upgrade though of course.. =P I’ll get on updating it here soon.. just wanted to wait until ALL the dang commits were really over lmao.. =P


    That path works as well, but /my-templates/your-theme/ is recommended. If nothing else, to make upgrades easier as you just drag the entire contents of the upgrade download to your server without fear of overwriting a theme that you have in bb-templates (which could easily happen if not careful). This could not happen if it is in /my-templates/


    Thanks for the reply Trent.. :) Yeah, you have a good point there! I guess I was just tired of too many dang folders in the forum’s root directory lol.. =P

    Oh well.. when I do the actual upgrading here, I’ll re-add that folder and such.. ;)


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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