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Default roles not working

  • redknite


    My dev site is I’m running wordpress 3.5 and have buddypress 1.7 b2 and bbpress 2.3-rc1.

    New users can’t seem to signup to the forums. The site lets them register, and sends them the activation email. When it’s clicked it says they are activated, but they can’t login.

    The users are being created on the back end but they are not being assigned a default forum role. I have the box checked that says that it should be doing so, but it’s not working.

    I have tried with all plugins but bbpress and buddypress disabled and I have tried with and without the default buddypress theme.

    Any suggestions? THANKS!

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  • Hmm so you have the auto role setting checked?

    If that’s checked and you have tried it with all plugins disabled, well that really doesn’t leave a lot of margin for error.

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