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Default Roles not Applied

  • JosiahW


    When users register to my BuddyPress + bbPress site they are not being assigned the default role I have selected for them in the forums settings. It simply does not assign them any role.
    I have to go in and manually assign them the role or use the “Remap existing users to default forum roles” tool.

    Any idea what could be causing that? I have all other plugins disabled with the exception of: Custom Login 2.0 which just themes the existing wordpress login and registration pages.

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  • apengstrom


    I have this same issue. I found that the user’s forum role does not get applied until they not only activate their accounts, but also they must login at least once for the forum role to be applied.

    This is not ideal, as I have buddypress custom user profile fields that I need available to me when a user registers, and I cannot view their profile on the forums until they login for the first time.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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