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Default redirection behaviour when slug chnages

  • linguabuddy



    I’m experiencing some really odd behaviour when trying to change the slug for my Buddypress group directory (under which all my BBpress forums are housed) and redirect traffic.

    My set-up is: BP 9.1.1; BBp 2.6.6, WP 5.8.1

    Short explanation:

    • traffic to a pre-change (/[old]/[groupname]) group url is being redirected to (/[new]/[groupname]/forum)
    • This happens regardless of whether:
      • There is a specific redirect in place
      • There is a regex redirect in place (/[old]/(.*) to /[new]/$1/)
      • There is no redirect at all
    • My redirect provider – Rank Math – can’t explain this.

    I’ve not modified my hta, and the only other redirect rules in page on the site relate to post-login behaviour. It seems there’s something deep within Buddypress, BBpress or WordPress which is driving this, but I have no idea what.

    Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this abd how to address it? I dare not make this change on my live site without resolving and having a clear idea what’s behind it.

    Appreciate any suggestions…

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