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Default font size on a standard bbPress install

  • fawp


    Hi everybody, first-time poster here.

    I have just installed WP and bbPress on a local host to evaluate the forum functionality.

    I added a couple of forums just to see what they would look like and the default view looks really, really small and unnatural.

    This weird forum view is substantially the same even if I switch to a different default theme.

    I could not find any tools at a glance to increase the font size for instance.

    Is this simply the way a default bbForum install is supposed to look like and do I need to install additional plugins to customize its view, or is it more likely that something went wrong during my install?

    Since I can’t seem able to upload an image here to illustrate, I have uploaded one on ImgBB, here is the link Screenshot

    Edit: screenshot is at

    My versions:
    WordPress 5.2.2
    bbPress 2.5.14

    It’s on a local Ubuntu installation.

    Thank you

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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