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Date of next update?

  • supermagicien


    I know this subject has been raised many times before, but this extension has not been updated for over two years.

    My security software is asking me to uninstall it, which of course I can’t do, otherwise I’d have to close the forum!

    Has this project been abandoned for good?
    If so, what should I do and is it possible to migrate the database to another extension?



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  • Robin W


    I am just a moderator here, and not a bbpress author.

    The authors tend to release updates every few years, rather than more frequently.

    My personal view is that you should consider bbpress to be a ‘mature’ product, ie any releases will be to fix issues rather than add functionality.

    bbpress is written really well, and has loads of hooks. In essence it is a WordPress product, written by the founder of Wordress, and taken into a plugin by sponsorship from WordPress. There are no show stopper bugs in it, it may throw a few deprecation notices (and these are very few at the moment), but WordPress recommends that you should not show error messages in live sites.

    I currently have my test site running WordPress 6.4.x and php 8.2 with no issues.

    The only major issue with bbpress at the moment is that it does not work well with FSE themes.

    However my bbp style pack plugin has fixes for this

    bbp style pack

    as well as block versions of the widgets and a ton of styling and functionality add-ons.

    All plugins are subject to the authors commitment, and bbpress is no different.

    The main WordPress support forums use bbpress, and it would be mega work to move those over to some other product.

    I am guessing that you are being told by Wordfence, which is telling you based on the fact that the plugin has not been updated, rather than any actual security risk.

    But with open software you make your choices….



    Hello Robin,

    Thank you for your detailed, well-argued and reassuring reply.👍


    Robin W



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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