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Database question and also…

  • Okay so yeah I’m new to all of this WordPress stuff, but I think I’m doing pretty well with it. I have three questions, and I have searched them here and came up empty so here goes…

    Firstly, in my “Forums” section, that I am choosing to call “Discussions” because I do not like the word “Forum”, I have all the stuff setup so that you now go to and the forums page loads but that’s the issue… It still reads Forums. I’m unable to figure out which file I need to edit to alter this to read “Discussions”.

    Secondly, my Hosting Provider allows for unlimited Database’s but each one can only be one Gig in size so I’m wondering if there is a way to set up the Forums to use one database for each Forum. Or what other options I may have here. I know that a gig is a bit but if I was to handle several hundred users, I’m not so sure 1 gig is going to sustain a forums section. Unless the forums aren’t using my mysql database, I’m not really sure about that. A bit of clarification would be great!

    Thirdly, is there a way to Mod the Admin Bar to be more of what I want it to be? I mean I know there is because I’ve seen a really nice one on another site already. I’m just curious as to which files I need to edit to manipulate it and also if there’s a guide somewhere to do that ( or a Plugin ).

    So, yeah those are basically the three issues I’m having right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated! And, if you like you can check out what I’m talking about at ( for the Forum question ), the other two I don’t think you need a site to answer. Thanks again!

    Andrew Parris :)

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  • Okay well I also just found out that my Discussions page is loading as a sub-page for Forums so I haven’t even really gotten rid of that. The directory structure is /forums/discussions, evidently. How then do I rid myself of the /forums directory all together? I want to name it discussions. I’ve tried changing the directory name but the software didn’t appear to care at all, the same pages still loaded. So, not quite as far along as I’d thought it would seem.

    Regarding Q1: I don’t see the problem. The URL reads like you want it to.

    Regarding Q2: I’m not familiar with this though I reccomend asking at these websites purely because the problem seems broader than bbPress:


    Regarding Q3: This can all be done by CSS. Do you have web developer tools for you browser? FireFox has Firebug and Chome has a similar property inspector. Just select the admin bar to find out what styles it’s inheriting. You can then override them in your own style sheet.

    Yes, thank you for your response dominornovus. I had just now figured out and corrected number one myself. I had Buddypress’s forums active and it was conflicting with bbpress.

    The second one, well I only use the databases for WordPress and obviously Buddypress and bbpress. I just need to know if bbpress is using my mysql database for storing of the forums ( posts and such ) and if it is is there a way to use multiple databases’s with it, as I’m sure I’m not the only one using GoDaddy or the only one with this 1Gig database restriction. Or even if the 1Gig is going to be a problem. If it’s not do to some functionality by the software such as autogenerating a second database or whatever then I just need to know that.

    And the third one I’ve already code for the css for the bar I want when I try including it it does nothing. The bar I’ve looked at his hooks are actually different than mine, now that might be from the css. I need to know what stylesheet to modify, I guess. I use Suffusion as my Theme and I tried adding a stylesheet into it’s backend to modify the admin bar but, as I said it did nothing.

    Q2: Seems like you got a useful answer here:

    Q3: Using a web developer tool like Firebug will allow you to view the styles your admin panel has inherited: If your styles are being ignored, Firebug will show you what’s overriding them. It will also tell you what style sheet the inherited CSS is contained in.

    This could also be worth a try:

    John James Jacoby


    bbPress 2.0 uses the same database and tables as your WordPress blog. Do not scale to plan, plan to scale. I.E. don’t worry about how big you think your forums will be, worry about how big they need to be. 1gig is plenty huge for a DB, and will be difficult to manage without a dedicated sysadmin. At which point, it’s no longer your issue to labor over. :)

    John James Jacoby


    Regarding setting bbPress up and changing the “Forums” title to “Discussion” simply make a page in WordPress titled Discussion with the slug as ‘discussion’ and make sure your forum index is set to ‘discussion’ in your forum settings. Done. :)

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