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Data entered by anonymous

  • Danishsard


    Hello, where you can change so that anownimowe people do not have to enter an email and it was not mandatory to provide.

    Is there an option that if someone does not give the name and email, it will be automatically signed as a guest. Or at least for the e-mail address not to be mandatory

    Where can something change?

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  • Danishsard


    Half solution

    use the value = “Guest” in the file form-anonymous.php – from the template bbpress add to the field name and some to the field enalil type value = “”

    Well, how would you exclude obligatory these fields and at least exclude the obligatory email field. But I do not know how yet.

    Robin W


    create a directory on your theme called ‘bbpress’
    ie wp-content/themes/%your-theme-name%/bbpress

    where %your-theme-name% is the name of your theme

    Make a copy of this file, and put in in the directory called bbpress that you created above, so you end up with
    bbPress will now use this template instead of the original
    and you can amend this

    in that template you will see

    			<label for="bbp_anonymous_email"><?php _e( 'Mail (will not be published) (required):', 'bbpress' ); ?></label><br />
    			<input type="text" id="bbp_anonymous_email"   value="<?php bbp_author_email(); ?>" tabindex="<?php bbp_tab_index(); ?>" size="40" name="bbp_anonymous_email" />

    just remove that – I think that should work

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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