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DAMN POST FORM!!! any ideas?

  • petertoshas



    Well, i recently change to bbpress (this rocks) and i’m trying to make a theme compatible with the current theme in my wordpress blog. It went pretty well, until i came across the post-form to create a new topic and i’m in blank…

    Let me explain: i’m using the theme kakumei, and instead off the hottags on the left, i’m going with a sidebar with other features (tags, the ‘fav this’ feature, link to main forum, etc…). This works well in the front-page, in the topic, profile, and other, but i’m having some problems put this working in the post-form.php !

    The way i use to style was: the sidebar in <div id=sidebar></div>, and the content (infobox, post, topic meta, etc) in <div id=”content”></div> just like the kakumei theme.

    My problem with the post-form.php is the function that is used in the to the ‘pre_post_form’ and ‘post_post_form’. Using the <div id=”content”></div> in the post-form.php the <div> actually appears in the middle of the code of the form in the post-form and the content dont stay aligned. Putting the <div> in the, just makes the <div> repeating in the others pages where the post-form is used, and the content dont stay aligned anyway.

    i’ll really appreciate if you could suggest me some ideas. tks :)

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