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Customizing labels and messages not working

  • sakthikannan


    Dear All,

    Looks like customizing messages is not working. The following are the steps that I tried:

    1. Install Buddypress

    2. From the BP Forums settings page, choose to install Sitewide Forums; BBPress is installed

    3. Installed poedit; open bbpress.pot and saved as bbpress-en_US.po; changed the entry say line num 466 from started the topic… TO started the question…

    POEDIt automatically created a .mo file.

    Moved both po and mo file to wp-content/languages

    changed WP_LANG to en_US in wp-config

    Restarted the machine

    4. Create a new topic; still the old entry started the topic is diaplyed in activity stream

    I’ve done the same steps for buddpress-en_US and customizing messages works in BP.

    Could anyone please help me troubleshoot this.

    FYI, I’m using default theme of Buddypress

    Thanks in advacnce

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