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Customized registration form – hide fields

  • I managed to customize my registration form using the following thread…

    However, all the info submitted via registration is posted on the user’s profile page (which is PUBLIC!). I would like some of these fields to be hidden from the public (and only viewable by the administrators, via the admin section).

    So, if a user posts their phone number during registration, I DO NOT want the phone number posted online for everyone to see. I want it invisible to the public, and only viewable by my admins.

    Can anyone help me do this???

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  • Anyone out there? :(

    I hate to bump posts, but I really need a resolution for this…

    I’m assuming there is a page that shows the content of the PROFILE … and, using PHP, we should be able to choose which fields are shown. So, for each field we want to hide, we could do something like:

    IF field_name exists, THEN “do not print” field_name

    Unfortunately, I don’t know bbPress too well to know which pages to edit, and my PHP coding is VERY poor. Please help if you can. Thanks.

    Anyone out there?

    Just upgraded the forum to version 2.0… Hoping that there would be a solution for this built into it’s core. Nope. Anyone have any idea how to do this for 2.0?



    i’d love to know, too! :)



    Ok! I found a solution that works for me. It’s using the bbPviews plugin, in tandem with the GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Plugin I bought, which creates the bbPress custom fields. Here’s a tutorial I made on on my website: How to filter topics by bbpress custom topic fields.



    I gave up on BBPress, and just used PhpBB instead. It does everything I needed and was easy to setup. Also, BBPress has pretty poor support, and I’ve run into a ton of issues and customization difficulties with it.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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