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Customize forum+add Shortcode

  • raquiia



    i just installed bbpress to my wordpress website. www raquiia com/gaming.

    I was using inboard since long time but yet, i think it’s more convenience to use bbpress with my wordpress website and different plugins.

    So i would like to configure it.

    The basic installation looks correct, its work without bug (or i didn’t find yet), but i would like to customize it.

    First i would like to add a chat on the forum page : www raquiia com/gaming/forums/
    So, between the header with the image and title and the Forum i would like this: wordpress plugin : simple-ajax-chat
    or an other chat i don’t really care.

    i’ll keep the sidebar on right.

    Bottom of the forum i would like a better statistic. So i found this : wordpress plugin : bbpress-improved-statistics-users-online

    For both it’s look simple to install, just have to write the shortcode on the forum page. But unfortunnally i can’t find where is this page …

    After fix that, i’ll try to make the forum more clear and nice to read.
    It’s hard to find nice and clear bbpress (i mean in my opinion), i found one example : (go to community -> Forum)

    A forum like this after add the chat and the statistic can be alright. Even better if i also can add image for each sub category.

    To explain, on this example they have General main category
    Then they have sub category :- getting started
    – off topic
    – Funstuff
    Can i add an image before each sub category ?

    i think, i have to modify my template to get what i want. i just don’t know where and how …

    To summary i want :

    1 : Add a chat (doesn’t matter which one) on top of the forum
    2 : Add better statistic bot of my forum
    3 : Change the design of the forum part (category …)

    If somebody can answer me it will be very helpful to open this website asap.

    Thanks you by advance


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  • Pascal Casier


    1. and 2.
    You might want to create a standard WordPress page called ‘forums’ and give it the URL. In that way you override the default page.
    Then use shortcode for your chat, the [bbp-forum-index] shortcode and the shortcode for your statistics. (see shortcodes: )

    For 3. at lot can be done, but I have the impression you want to heavily customize, so if you want to do your own coding you could create a child theme and put copies there of the main bbPress files and start modifying them.

    Then of course hundreds of plugins already exist. If you want to do something specific, just open another support request here and we will try to guide you.

    Enjoy bbPress !



    Thanks for your reply, i ll try it and let you know how my forum go.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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