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customize bbpress member capability!!!! urgent

  • yoyoma1999


    I am using WordPress 4.7.2 and bbpress Version 2.5.12. I have tried the code as mentioned in previous post. However, it doesn’t work. Could any generous guys can help me?

    My main objective is to set spectator to have ability to post/edit a post. That’s it.

    1. Is there any other easiest way to do it?
    2. If no, any change besides the false/true value I suppose to amend?
    3. Where should I put the code, only capabilites.php?

    I wish someone can show me step by step solution. Thank you so much.

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  • Robin W


    cab you post a link to the ‘previous post’ there are many posts on here.
    and by post do you mean topic or topic and reply?
    and how does this differ from the participant role?

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