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Customize BBpress forum pages

  • Shadowpro


    I’m trying to do something and have hit a wall.

    I want to have multiple “hub” pages on my site each with a custom menu that I’m serving using my themes slider.

    It all works great on the hub pages but forums are not pages of course, so I cannot get a slider at the top the same way I can on a page0.

    The forum index is ok but as soon as a forum or topic is clicked I lose any obvious way to serve my custom menu.

    Must haves;
    – Each hub has it’s own menu
    – the menu must exist on every hub child page and forum to allow navigation

    Is there any sensible way to do what I want?

    BBpress 2.1, Buddypress 1.6, WP 3.5, Dynamix theme
    I have HTML/css moderate skills, low php, but willing to get contractors for what I can’t do.

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  • Shadowpro


    oK, I have got most of the way there.

    I put this is to content-single-forum.php.

    Needs finishing, and I think it may do better in header.php as it’s looking for ver specific URLs.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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