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custom topics sort by status

  • michabbs


    How can I achieve this?:

    I want the topics on the list be sorted this way:
    – first: sticky topics
    – then: open topics
    – at the end: closed topics

    …and 2nd level: by-date descending within each of the above groups

    Any ideas?

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  • Robin W


    It’s doable, you would need to amend

    bbpress\templates\default\bbpress\loop-topics.php and save to your child theme.

    and amend to add to call to bbp_topics() 2-3 times to doi the ordering

    Beyond free help I’m afraid, if you’d like paid help happy for you to contact me via

    Contact me

    with a link to this thread



    Certainly! To obtain the favored sorting order on your topics, you could follow these steps:

    Sticky Topics:

    List your sticky topics first. These are the ones that need to be prioritized and stored on the pinnacle.
    Open Topics:

    List your open subjects after the sticky ones. These are the continued discussions that aren’t closed but.
    Closed Topics:

    List your closed subjects at the cease. These are the discussions that have concluded.
    Sorting inside Each Group:

    For each of the above classes (sticky, open, closed), sort the subjects by way of date in descending order.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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