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Custom topic form to private or hidden forum users can’t access?

  • childofnewlight


    My gaming clan recently made the switch to bbPress (i.e., this morning.) It’s been a fairly easy migration. However, I have one issue that I need to resolve: how we accept member applications.

    When we were in bbPress we had members copy and paste the application into a new topic form. When submitted, the comment would be “held in moderation” so that an officer could then manually move it to a private/hidden officers forum to deliberate on whether to accept it or not.

    Now that we’ve migrated to bbPress that option isn’t so readily available. We could have people post to a forum and move them, but we prefer to keep member applications confidential (instead of sitting in a forum for anyone else to see until someone has a chance to move it.)

    So, what I’m looking for, and wondering if anyone has already done this…

    1. A way to create a custom topic form pre-filled with information. I don’t see a need to have a bunch of individual fields… just a topic form with existing content.
    2. The ability for members who can’t see a forum to post to a specific forum (via this form.)
    3. or alternatively, a way for posts to be held in moderation until an officer/moderator can move it to a private forum for consideration.

    Thank you

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  • Hi,
    I you use bbPress on WordPress (so no BuddyPress), then any WordPress plugin would do. Users are managed by WordPress.

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