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Custom Themes Do Not Display in Manage Theme admin screen

  • Hello-

    For some reason when I add a custom theme to the “my-templates” directory it does not show up in the Manage Theme admin screen. If I move the theme into the “bb-templates” directory it shows up as I would expect, it’s just that I would like to have the theme in a folder that is not touched during an upgrade.

    I have integrated bbpress with wordpress so that cookies are shared. Here is the structure that I have:

    WordPress Root (directory)

    – BBpress Root (directory running version 1.0.2)

    — my-templates (directory 755)

    — mycustomtheme (directory 755)

    —- various php files (files 644)

    —- style.css (file 644)

    I’m fairly certain it’s not a theme issue, I’ve gone as far as moving the Kakumei theme from the “bb-templates” folder to the “my-templates” folder and that doesn’t work either. Can anyone give me some suggestions as to what to look at next?


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  • Resolved. I had created and was working on a development instance (copied db and code) instead of doing an install from scratch. I had missed changing one of the database url’s that was still pointed to Prod instance.

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